The magic of thinking big

By David J. Schwartz

This is a self help book which i found in my mother’s collection.The cover page is nicely designed with the keyword “BIG” highlighted in the title. It is this cover which got my attention and got me reading.

This book is based on identifying weaknesses in oneself and working towards getting rid of them. It also deals with the subject of preparing oneself towards attainment of goals. The book begins with the definition of success and then moves towards generating a positive attitude to achieve it. It then proceeds to identify the factors which deter a person like giving excuses, blaming luck, etc. The author has given a number of exercises to generate a positive attitude. One thing which remained in my mind was the fact that the book also mentioned about failures. In spite of positive attitude, perseverence and hardwork one may fail, yet one should not give up but take lessons from failure and move on. The author described it as a detour.

The author also stresses for a need to have future plans and work towards them. These plans need not be only for work but also family.The book has nicely mentioned that a goal can be achieved only if the family also supports it thereby emphasizing the importance of giving time to ones near and dear ones. Its a self help book so I would suggest that you should take it only if you wish to change the monotony of present. Its a great gift appropriate for all age groups. This may not be a very good choice for a long journey but rather if you are planning any competitive exam then this is the choice.


Seven #habits of highly effective people

By Stephen R.#covey

This book has been among the top 10 non-fiction #bestsellers and so I decided to read it. As the name suggests the book describes 7 habits that one must inculcate to succeed. They are:
1. Be Proactive
2. Begin with the end in mind
3. Put first things first
4. Think win/win
5. Seek first to understand than to be understood
6. Synergize
7. Sharpen the saw

As seen above the habits are same which one has from his/her childhood but the explanation and representation definitely makes a difference. Each habit has been taken up in detail and explained with examples. The author has also mentioned charts and tables that one can use to keep track of his/her progress. The habits range from behaviour to focus to discipline. If one has high ambitions than this is the book to follow. Somewhere while explaining the habits the author goes into extensive detail which makes the book rather lengthy. Nevertheless it is a good book for those planning #management studies.

All the youngsters planning for open tests or even #sportspersons, particularly those who are not able to get the right perfection, should definitely go for it. The book has been so popular that these days even #seminars are conducted over these habits which are extremely beneficial. The outcome of inculcating these habits is not visible immidiately but over the time they make a person positive and capable of facing any challenge. This is definitely not a book to be read at once but it should be read and practiced. Hence I would suggest to take up one habit at a time, incorporate it in your day-to-day activities and then proceed to the next. Therefore one must not read this after a hard day’s work but at the start of the day. It does not matter even if you read one or two pages a day as long as you understand the importannce of the words. Once you have your goal decided, then take up this book, align each habit to your goal and proceed. It is definitely a gift for #students who have just cleared their 10th grade and are preparing for their open tests. It is also not to be read while travelling to work as one needs to put indepth thinking at each page. Hence if you have a difficult goal then this is the right book for you.