By Catherine Macphail

There is a saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but sometimes there is something in the title and cover of the book that I can’t resist reading it. Luckily these books often turn out to be interesting. This same thing happened when I came across this book in a shop. The cover shows a man standing in a cave which gave a glimpse of some mystery and adventure. It is an adventure in a school outing.

The story begins with a description of a normal day in a school. It describes all the central characters like the bully Axel, Fiona with a sharp tongue, ideal prefix Zeshan, smart yet silent Liam and the chubby ever smiling Angie. At any normal time these people would hardly come togather without any friction which is a major problem to the teacher Mr. Marks. The author has nicely displayed the reason for their dislike for each other which is a result of their secret admiration. The story takes a turn when they go to a school outing in a cave and a landslide occurs while they are inside. They unite inspite of their differences for the ultimate goal survival. The events that follow keep the reader at the edge of their seats. The story nicely shows no one is perfect and everyone has personal problems. Also it is not always the phisically strong is the hero.

The fonts are large which makes the book readable at any place. Infact I got so engrossed that I was unable to leave it even for meals. This book is fine for all age groups above 12. It can be read on a long journey as well as while travelling to and from work. So if you are looking for a nice adventure on a lazy sunday afternoon, this is the choice.


The New Life

By Orhan Pamuk

It is said that the author’s biodata often influences a reader’s choice. This definitely happened with me when I ended up buying this book. I bought this book because its written by an author who is a nobel laureate.

This is a story based in Turkey. The central character Osman gets a book because he sees it in the the hands of a girl Janan, he felt attracted to. His life changed the moment he started reading it. He is unable to concentrate on anything. It seems that the book engulfs Osman as he reads it. He follows the girl to different places she goes. Janan in turn is in love with someone else and starts following him. They move through different towns. In theri journey they meet people who lament on the closure of local brands due to competition from international ones. The description of the places has been done nicely. The book ends on a pessimistic note.

The language is simple but the sentences are too long. Also the narration is slow hence the attention of the reader is often lost. For an average reader who reads for amusement, this is not the right choice. Same is the case for those who read while travelling to and from work as well as for long journeys. Also it may not be a good gift. But yes if you read to enhance your vocabulary then this can be considered.

Sense and Sensibility


By Jane Austen

One of the readers of my blogs recommended this book and I sincerely started looking for this book. It took me a while to get this book but once I got it, I just couldn’t give up reading it. The story revolves around three Dashwood sisters Elinor, Marianne, Margaret and their mother. This does remind one of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Here again the problem is they do not have a brother of their own and after their father’s death, the entire property goes to their half brother John Dashwood leaving them with a mere allowance.

Soon John and his wife move in their home. Also they are least interested in keeping the three sisters and their mother in their home and so John starts looking for a place to shift his half sisters and their mother. The eldest of the three sisters Elinor is very mature and sensible. She doesn’t let emotions rule her decisions. After her father’s death she takes up the responsibility of her family. Although she has feelings for Fanny’s brother she doesn’t immidiately jump into conclusions rather waits for him to commit his feelings for her. Marianne is just the opposite and easily gets carried away by emotions. She easily gets attached to Willoughby without even bothering to find out about his history. These two sisters go through a lot of emotional problems. Jane Austen has cleverly displayed the two ways of handling difficult situations through them. In case of a heartbreak Elinor concentrates on work and tries to meet new people wherease Marianne withdraws herself and keeps crying thereby making everyone around herself upset. The story goes through a lot of ups and downs but all the missing pieces fall togather and the reader is truely entertained.

Like all books of Jane Austen this too has the capacity to hold the reader’s attention. It is fine for all age groups. If you are fond of reading while travelling to and from work, this is a great choice. Similarly for long journeys this is an amazing companion. Also if you are going for an apointment where you might have to wait, then carry this with yourself. It will not only relax you but also cheer you up.Also it is a great book to be gifted.

Follow every Rainbow

By #Rashmi Bansal

This week I completed reading “Follow every #Rainbow”. I came accross this book in a #bookstall. There sitting amidst a pile of books, the title immidiately drew my attention. To add further was the synopsis which mentioned the book consisted of the story of 25 #women #entrepreneurs. That was enough for me to read this book.

As mentioned in the synopsis, each story consists of the struggles of a #woman #entrepreneur thus making them motivational. The struggle, the grit #determination and the will these ladies have shown against all odds is truely amazing. Each story is a treasurehouse of motivation. All of us face challenges but very few dare to face them and even few think of standing up after a failure. This book consists of stories of such bravehearts. I knew about the business of some of them like #biba, etc but I had no idea about the history of their start. I was left highly motivated everytime I read a story and felt like creating new goals to achieve. Each of these ladies are an epitome of hardwork, determination, focus and success.

If I had an opportunity to give my inputs on the syllabus of schools, I would have definitely added the stories of Nirmala Kandalgaonkar(Vivam Agrotech) or Leela Bordia(Neerja International). These ladies have successfuly shown that a working mother is the best inspiration a child can have. In fact they have achieved everything along with properly looking after their children. These women have shown that with true determination and planning anything can be conquered even if it is the tall #mount #everest.

The writing style is #simple, yet the stories are so motivational that a reader cannot give up unless the story is complete. This book is a must for all women. It is one of the best gift that can be given. This can be read by people of age group 12 years and above. Since its a collection of short stories it is an ideal companion for those travelling to #work. Also its good for long #journeys as one starts thinking about their personal #goals after each story.So the next time you see this book whether in a book exhibition, stall or with any friend, you can add it to your list of reads.

Joker in the Pack

Joker in the Pack

 By Neeraj Pahlajani and Ritesh Sharma

 At the inset this appears to be another story by IIM alumni but as one proceeds the story seems to grow through the reader. The story revolves around Shekhar Verma, a middle class average boy, who struggles to make a career for himself. Through the life of Shekhar the author very subtly represents the beliefs of the Indian family where a child would be a hero only if he does well in studies or a teaching mother would be preferable as she would assist in household income and due to fixed school timings would also perform the mandatory duties of the ideal ‘bahu’.

 The hype created by the computer boom is visible in the way everyone wished to get into a computer science course irrespective of the details of the college or course shelling out big money without guarantee of future. The trauma students go through when they realize the validity of their course. The only way most of them find a solution is do an MBA. The way students manage their studies and CAT preparation reminds us of our college days. To add to all this there is the romance between Shekhar and Anoushka and their ambition to get into IIM and IIT respectively. The story takes a turn when Shekhar gets into IIM Bangaluru. Here he finds himself most ordinary. The IIM part is an excellent package of the story including the studies, projects, events, friends, comraderie and finally the campus placements. What follows from here is a series of events where Shekhar manages to bring himself among the top.

 Somewhere, somehow most of us have experienced what Shekhar goes through. The satirical representation of the problems is the key that holds the reader’s attention. There is a brilliant representation of the life at IIM. This is an excellent book for all those people who want to read in bus or train after a long days work. The language is simple and tactful.