Through The Window Of My Eyes

By Nispruha Desai

It is always a pleasure to know an author after reading his/her works. For a change, I happened to meet an amazing person who turned out to be an awesome author. During a casual discussion with Nispruha Desai, the topic of hobbies came up and I came to know that she is an author. My curiosity about the book further increased when she mentioned she wrote this book so that she could share her emotions and experiences with her grand children. This was the most brilliant gift I had ever heard about. Seeing my interest, she handed me the Gujarati edition.

The book is written in the form of letters addressed to her grandchildren Parv and Pankti. The book covers varied topics from travels to festivals to environmental hazards to food. The author has travelled widely across the world and this clearly reflects when she mentions about the trips. The cover of the book has been made from photos of her travels. Her immense love for her grandchildren is visible as she connects each letter with one or the other phase of their life like their mischief is connected to storms and hurricanes or their names indicate festivals, etc. The language is very simple and the description is so vivid that the reader is encouraged to look for images. Since each topic is covered in letters, one does not need to continuously follow any sequence. This makes it a great companion for those who love to read while travelling to and from work. Also there is a story in each letter, which makes it a good read to children before sleeping. A lot of knowledge is shared but in a very casual manner.

This was the first children’s non-fiction book I have read and I must admit it was awesome. In fact it is meant for people of all age groups. Personally I felt like going back to my school days, reading books in Gujarati. The reader is motivated to share their experiences through writing. Since the book is nicely written, the only thing I would have preferred was a few images of the places or location in maps. All in all it is one of the best books I have read from new authors. The next time you are planning to buy gift for kids, this is the right choice.


The New Life

By Orhan Pamuk

It is said that the author’s biodata often influences a reader’s choice. This definitely happened with me when I ended up buying this book. I bought this book because its written by an author who is a nobel laureate.

This is a story based in Turkey. The central character Osman gets a book because he sees it in the the hands of a girl Janan, he felt attracted to. His life changed the moment he started reading it. He is unable to concentrate on anything. It seems that the book engulfs Osman as he reads it. He follows the girl to different places she goes. Janan in turn is in love with someone else and starts following him. They move through different towns. In theri journey they meet people who lament on the closure of local brands due to competition from international ones. The description of the places has been done nicely. The book ends on a pessimistic note.

The language is simple but the sentences are too long. Also the narration is slow hence the attention of the reader is often lost. For an average reader who reads for amusement, this is not the right choice. Same is the case for those who read while travelling to and from work as well as for long journeys. Also it may not be a good gift. But yes if you read to enhance your vocabulary then this can be considered.

SomeOne Like You

By Nikita Singh and Durjoy Datta

I was looking for light fiction when I came accross this book. The cover, with its cream colored heart on a green background, itself says its a story of a girl. The story revolves around a small town girl Niharika.

Again like most urban authors, she too joins an engineering college. Here I liked some of the jokes like the best icebreaker among first year students is their IIT preparation. She has been a bookworm all her life and her sister transforms her into a beautiful girl just before starting college. She wishes to have a nice boyfriend like her sister. In her pursuit she falls for the wrong guy. The authors have given nice descriptions of her friends Tanmay, the small town football loving guy and Pia, the sophisticated rich girl with a golden heart. She also comes accross Karthik who is a senior. Her experiences in mess and hostel are hilarious. She goes through a lot of events and ultimately finds her true love.

This is the story for nice spicy serial. The characters are few and well defined. I was expecting the authors to give more towards the end of her engineering studies. After a hard day’s work, if you are reading for entertainment, then this is the book. The language is simple and the fonts are large. It can be taken on a long journey. This would be good for a library but not as a gift.

Pride and prejudice

By Jane #Austen

This is a classic book as all of us are aware of. I had heard a lot about it and even saw a movie. Thus encouranged by all this I decided to read this book. Coincidentally at the same time I saw this book in an exhibition. This is the story of five sisters each with a unique personality set in early 19th century.

The story mainly revolves around the second sister Elizabeth aka lizzy. She is too proud to accept the compromises done by ladies. The book also describes the predefined concept of beauty of those times. Inspite of being intelligent lizzy was not considered beautiful as she was thin and pale. Therefore she was not her mother’s favourite as it would be difficult to find a groom for her. As the story proceeds she meets Mr Darcy who is rich and handsome. It is amusing to find their dislike for each other at their first meet. After that they keep meeting again and again and fall for each other. The story gets interesting when the love interests of other sisters affect their relation. There are some comic elements as well when Mr. Colin comes as a proposed groom for lizzy. The story ends on a happy note with lizzy being loved for her intelligence and personality than beauty. One cannot help laughing when lizzy becomes the favourite daughter of her mother after marriage.

The plot is simple and so one can #read it even for a few minutes daily thereby making it an ideal companion while travelling to work. The english is slightly old fashioned which maybe a deterrent for some still the book is worth a try. As its a classic and an amazing story it is an ideal gift. On a rainy day with a cup of coffee the best book to read will be Pride and Prejudice.

Five point someone

By Chetan Bhagat

This is the first book by Chetan Bhagat that I read. Chetan Bhagat is one of the leading authors with a corporate background. The story is about 3 guys in an engineering college, the author and his 2 friends Alok and Ryan. It takes the reader to his or her college days. It is written in first person which makes it easy to corelate with the events.

The name definitely creates a curiousity among the readers. As one proceeds in the story, one discovers that the name points to the performance of a person. This touches most of our hearts as all of us have been average at something or other. Probably this is the most attractive part of the story. Besides studies the story also involves events from the personal lives of the three characters which includes love life, responsibilites of a middle class family and lack of attention. Friendship plays an important part in all these situations. The involvement of friends in each other’s problems and the ultimate solution keeps the reader engrossed and definitely creates nostalgia as one is reminded of their friends. To add to the fun are the hostel events and get togathers. All in all its a beautiful book which takes one back to the college days of assignments, projects, scores, classes and above all the friends with whom we dream of doing something with our education.

This is a must read for all those who spend hours in travelling. Since the story is simple and the plot is taken from day to day life, one feels good after reading it at the end of a long day’s work. The book would leave the reader nostalgic and at the same time entertained. Hence if you are not much of a reader but want to start with something simple yet funny, this is the book to go for. Since the author himself is from an engineering college, he has managed to put the most common yet important events of college as well as hostel life. Hence this is a must read if you are all bugged up on a weekend and don’t want to go anywhere.