Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables

(Part I and II)
By L.M.Montgomery

This is the first Canadian classic I read. Its beautiful. The story revolves around Anne as is obvious from the title. She is an orphan and is adopted by the aging siblings Mathew and Marila who own the farm “Green Gables” in Avonlea. In the beginning Anne is a totally dreamy and talkative girl but as the story proceeds she metamorphoses into an admirable woman with a mind of her own. As the story progresses new relationships are created. There are many phases which makes one feel nostalgic like Anne’s friendship with Diana and competition with Gilbert takes one back to his or her school days. Again Gilbert’s hidden feelings conquer the romantic mind of the reader.

Her college days are another interesting part of the story. Her friends and then the cutthroat fight to get the scholarship and gold medal. Anne ultimately gets the scholarship. Just when she receives congratulations for her scholarship, she is confronted with Mathew’s death. Her love for Mathew and Marila is revealed when she gives up her scholarship to take care of Green Gables. But she doesn’t give up her ambitions and continues to teach in her school at Avonlea.

The description of the simple life of Avonlea is refreshing. The vivid description of each season is awesome. It is also a beautiful book to be gifted. It is not only a treat for the romantics but also an entertainer for the ambitious ones. On the whole this is a cute classic and definitely a must if one is sitting idle on a holiday or on a long journey.