SomeOne Like You

By Nikita Singh and Durjoy Datta

I was looking for light fiction when I came accross this book. The cover, with its cream colored heart on a green background, itself says its a story of a girl. The story revolves around a small town girl Niharika.

Again like most urban authors, she too joins an engineering college. Here I liked some of the jokes like the best icebreaker among first year students is their IIT preparation. She has been a bookworm all her life and her sister transforms her into a beautiful girl just before starting college. She wishes to have a nice boyfriend like her sister. In her pursuit she falls for the wrong guy. The authors have given nice descriptions of her friends Tanmay, the small town football loving guy and Pia, the sophisticated rich girl with a golden heart. She also comes accross Karthik who is a senior. Her experiences in mess and hostel are hilarious. She goes through a lot of events and ultimately finds her true love.

This is the story for nice spicy serial. The characters are few and well defined. I was expecting the authors to give more towards the end of her engineering studies. After a hard day’s work, if you are reading for entertainment, then this is the book. The language is simple and the fonts are large. It can be taken on a long journey. This would be good for a library but not as a gift.


The oath of the Vayuputras

By Amish Tripathi

The oath of the Vayuputras

This is the final part of the trilogy. After reading the first two, like most of the readers I too was waiting with bated breath for the third part. Here the mystery about Shiva’s identity are revealed along with the ultimate cause of evil. The book began with where it had ended in part two.

Shiva found his long lost friend Brihaspati, who informed him about the ultimate evil, Somras. Shiva realizes the purpose of his life and decides to fulfill it. But there are many people who support evil. Moreover most of the kingdoms are divided. He sets forward towards uniting them in his fight. He is supported by his wife Sati, sons Ganesh and karthik along with a lot of people. Most of the suspense of previous books have been revealed here, like the history of Vasudevs and Vayuputras. The reader comes to know about the greatness of his uncle. The efforts used to create an entire army have been described beautifully.

The war strategies have been described in detail in the book. The image on the cover clearly indicates war in the story. All this has made the book really long. This leads to the user losing interest in between. Although the evil is destroyed, yet the story ends on a sad note. It is a good read if you are going for a long vacation. I would not suggest taking it on a long journey as the detailed descriptions may lead to loss of interest. If you have read the first two, then there is no way you cannot read this.

The Immortals of Meluha


By #Amish Tripathi

This book was suggested by a teammate who said if I enjoyed reading then I must consider this. He was right. As the cover displays the central character of the book is Lord Shiva. The author has considered Lord Shiva a human being and tracked his journey from Tibet to Meluha.

The story begins with #Shiva as the head of a tribe from Tibet, pondering over the welfare of his people. He is assisted by Veerbhadhra who is ever ready to lay down his life for his beloved friend. They are brought to Meluha by Nandi. The king of Meluha is Daksha and Sati is his daughter. Although considered a human, Shiva still has all the characteristics of the lord like honesty, bravery, innocence, sincerity, etc. He falls in love with Sati, the moment he sees her. He also challenges age old customs. The story takes an important course when Shiva drinks somras and his neck turns blue. Everyone accepts him as the saviour. In the course of story he also befriends Brihaspati, the scientist. Each and every event has been nicely woven and the reader is completely engrossed in the book. The language is simple. Also the author has tried to give a scientific meaning to everything like the effects of somras, etc. The story proceeds towards fighting against the people who are trying to harm Meluha.

This is a beautiful book with very easy to understand language. Also the characters are wellknown. The story is narrated in a very interesting manner. It can be read by anyone. The author leaves you anxious to pick up the next book from the trilogy i.e Secret of the Nagas”. If you are going for a long trip then this is a perfect companion. Those who read while travelling will have a little problem since its very difficult to close the book once you start reading it. It is also a great book to gift.

Haroun and the sea of stories


By #Salman Rushdie

I was rumagging through my sister’s cupboards when I came across this book. At first it seemed a storybook for children but then I saw the author’s name. It was Salman Rushdie. I had been planning to read one of his works for quite sometime.

The central character of the story is a boy named Haroun whose father Rashid is a storyteller. One day Rashid is unable to make stories due to a personal crisis where his wife leaves him and his son Haroun blames him for it. Afterwards Haroun feels really sorry and pledges to get his father’s gift of gab. In his attempt he meets the genie “Iff” from the land of stories. He soon discovers that the stories come from the ocean of stories and “Khattamshud”, king from the land of silence, is trying to pollute the ocean of stories. From there an adventure begins where there is a princess to be rescued by a prince, a king has to protect his kingdom and a whole lot of soldiers. The author has nicely related real life problems with fictionary things like factories creating sadness are polluting the environment. Also a girl blabbermouth disguises as a man so that she can get a job in army bears a starking resemblance to women searching job. The best part is P2C2E (process too complicated to explain) which is the explanation given to any complex question.

The writing style is simple therefore the book can be read while travelling to and from work. The character names like princess baatcheath, prince bolo, etc are very interesting and #humourous. If you are planning to go on a long journey then you can opt for this book. On the whole this is a great story which will keep you on the edge of your seats. It can be read by people of all age groups. The story made me realize the importance of stories in our lives. Hence it is a great book to be gifted.

The complete Adventures of Feluda – volume 2

The complete Adventures of Feluda – volume 2
By Satyajit Ray

This week I finally got to read this book which has been lying on the shelf from a long time. From the time I had watched “Sonar Kella”, I had planned to read this book but somehow kept on delaying it. This is a collection of 19 mystery stories solved by detective Pradosh Mitter alias Feluda. The prime characters are Pradosh Mitter(Feluda), Tapesh (Topshe) and Lalmohan babu(Jatayu). Feluda is a sleuth and is observant about every minute detail. At the same time Jatayu is his complete opposite but their contrast nature make the stories more interesting. The comments by Topshe add the cherry on the cake.

All the stories are written as first person with the author as Topshe who is Feluda’s cousin. The stories cover wide range of topics and places in India. Some stories are based out of India(HongKong and London) as well. The clients range from magicians, doctors, pychiatrists, kings, actors, lawyers, etc. Each mystery reveals a thorough study by the author in each of these professions. Special attention has been paid to the characterization of each person from their dress to the way they hold the tea cup. The jokes of Jatayu provide a much needed comic element to the stories which is rare in detective stories. One also gets a feel of the old Kolkata from the description of the various places. Also a lot of information has been provided about each location like the terracotta temples of Dubrajpur in “Robertson’s Ruby” or the sunrise of Khilanmarg in “Peril in Paradise”.

Satyajit Ray successfully creates the same enthusiasm through his writing as he did with his movies. Once you start reading a story you cannot get up unless you complete it making it a must read for all mystery lovers. As it is a collection of stories it is most recommended for those travelling to work. This is also a stress buster after a hard day’s work.

Life is what you make it

By Preeti Shenoy

I came across this book quite by accident in a gift shop. At first i thought it was a self help book but one look at the synopsis and there was no way this book was to be ignored. It deals with psychological issue called bipolar disorder. This is still a subject which is considered a taboo and most of us are scared to talk about it.

The story is about a middle class girl Ankita Sharma. She comes from an urban nuclear family and like most urban girls is brought up with the competitive spirit to do well in academics. She is good in her studies and makes it to a good college for her bachelars. She does well in her studies and this motivates her to do even better. She makes to one of the best management colleges and continues to do better in her studies. She gets so obsessed that she ends up ignoring the feelings of her friends. This obsession although leads to good performance but as they say anything in excess is not good, it has its side effects on her health and soon she ends in a mental health hospital. The story becomes really interesting from there.

The representation of life in a girl’s college which includes events, politics and boys is brilliant. The author has very nicely touched the subject of psychological sickness which need not occur due to poor performance or broken relationships. Her research on the topic is clearly revealed towards latter part of the story. This is a good book on a lazy summer afternoon when going out is an absolute no no. Since the topic is serious it may not seem a stress buster after a hard days work.

Keep the Change

Keep the Change

By Nirupama Subramanian

This is a book by one of the new authors in India. It happened to come to my notice in a library. I don’t know whether it was the catchy title or the cool cover which attracted me, anyways I picked it up. It turned out to be a beautiful book. The story begins with the simple life of Damayanthi in chennai. Her name indicates she comes from a traditional family. She has always been excellent in studies and is working as an accountant in a small firm. There is a satirical element in the way she recieves the marriage proposals. To top it further inspite of academically excellent she is considered a loser compared to those who got married even though they were not as good as her in studies.

The story takes an interesting turn when Damayanthi decides to take charge of her life and joins a high salary bank job in Mumbai. Her enthusiasm is completely reflected in the way she updates her resume and prepares for her interview by consulting her friend who as an IIM alumni. Her interview is another beautiful incident wherin she speaks about Lara Croft when asked about her most admirable fictional character. She gets the job and comes to Mumbai. An average reader would think this is the end but the challenge begins here. She is faced by the challenges in corporate world from preparing an impressive
presentation to attending seminar in addition to staying alone in Mumbai. She also gets a good friend Jimmy to help her out in these corporate problems. The way she finds her way to office in Mumbai reminded me of my first day in Mumbai. The problems with her size zero stylish high society roommate add another angle to the story. What lies next is an interesting story where Damayanthi learns the ropes of the corporate world.

Nirupama has very nicely placed the comments in Damayanthi’s mind as the voice of her inner self. In many instances it reflects most of our thoughts. There is a fine balance of satire and comedy with proper spice of romance and infatuation. This is an interesting story for most of the girls planning to enter into the corporate world. It is a light read for all those who travel and go to book as a refuge after a long days work. This book also reflects the outlook of the young women of modern India.