SomeOne Like You

By Nikita Singh and Durjoy Datta

I was looking for light fiction when I came accross this book. The cover, with its cream colored heart on a green background, itself says its a story of a girl. The story revolves around a small town girl Niharika.

Again like most urban authors, she too joins an engineering college. Here I liked some of the jokes like the best icebreaker among first year students is their IIT preparation. She has been a bookworm all her life and her sister transforms her into a beautiful girl just before starting college. She wishes to have a nice boyfriend like her sister. In her pursuit she falls for the wrong guy. The authors have given nice descriptions of her friends Tanmay, the small town football loving guy and Pia, the sophisticated rich girl with a golden heart. She also comes accross Karthik who is a senior. Her experiences in mess and hostel are hilarious. She goes through a lot of events and ultimately finds her true love.

This is the story for nice spicy serial. The characters are few and well defined. I was expecting the authors to give more towards the end of her engineering studies. After a hard day’s work, if you are reading for entertainment, then this is the book. The language is simple and the fonts are large. It can be taken on a long journey. This would be good for a library but not as a gift.


The oath of the Vayuputras

By Amish Tripathi

The oath of the Vayuputras

This is the final part of the trilogy. After reading the first two, like most of the readers I too was waiting with bated breath for the third part. Here the mystery about Shiva’s identity are revealed along with the ultimate cause of evil. The book began with where it had ended in part two.

Shiva found his long lost friend Brihaspati, who informed him about the ultimate evil, Somras. Shiva realizes the purpose of his life and decides to fulfill it. But there are many people who support evil. Moreover most of the kingdoms are divided. He sets forward towards uniting them in his fight. He is supported by his wife Sati, sons Ganesh and karthik along with a lot of people. Most of the suspense of previous books have been revealed here, like the history of Vasudevs and Vayuputras. The reader comes to know about the greatness of his uncle. The efforts used to create an entire army have been described beautifully.

The war strategies have been described in detail in the book. The image on the cover clearly indicates war in the story. All this has made the book really long. This leads to the user losing interest in between. Although the evil is destroyed, yet the story ends on a sad note. It is a good read if you are going for a long vacation. I would not suggest taking it on a long journey as the detailed descriptions may lead to loss of interest. If you have read the first two, then there is no way you cannot read this.

Gora – Book Review

By #Rabindranath Tagore

This is the most beautiful book by #Tagore. Again I am nobody to comment on his work. This is more of an information. The story deals with many issues of human relationships ranging from adoption to inter-community marriages. The fact that all these issues along with the freedom struggle are nicely woven in the story left me amazed that only a genius like Tagore can do it.

The story is set in the pre-independence era when the freedom struggle was at its prime. It starts when Anandmoyi, a childless wife, adops the orphan of a #british lady. She faces harsh criticism from husband and family for this adoption but her motherly love gives her the strength to bear and bring up the child. In the process she gives up her social life. The child is named Gourmohan and lovingly called Gora. #Gora grows up to be a highly educated rebel. He preaches unity of the country. He soon meets the family of Pareshbabu through his close friend Binoy. Tagore describes the advance thinking of the Brahmo samaj through the lifestyle of PareshBabu’s family. All his daughters are educated with convent schooling. Pareshbabu is also the foster father of his late friend’s children, Sucharita and her brother. Initially Gora rejects Sucharita’s thinking but slowly through each meeting her ideas force him to question his own and thus begins a beautiful friendship. At the same time his friend Binoy falls for PareshBabu’s daughter lolita. Gora does not approve this relation. The turning point in the story arrives when Gora discovers his identity. The shock and the depression after this, the change in his thinking process and finally his perception towards all relations and communities makes this book the evergreen book on human relations.

Although this story is set in a period about a century ago, still the emotions are something one feels even today. This book definitely deserves a place in every reader’s shelf and therefore is a great book to be gifted. It is a perfect companion for long journeys. The life and culture of the financially effluent people of pre-independence era has been described very nicely. One definitely feels proud of the rich #Bengali heritage. So the next time you come accross this book in an exhibition or a book store, don’t wait.

The Namesake

By Jhumpa Lahiri

Although a movie has been made on this book still I couldn’t help writing a review on it after reading the book. This book is a story of two generations of bengali in USA, the senior couple have moved from India and their US born kids. To some extent it describes their conflict.

The story begins with Ashok being saved from an accident because of a page from a book by Nickolai Gogol. Ashok later moves to US but marries Ashima from India. They have a son and a daughter. One definitely sees a beautiful representation of emotional displacement through these two characters and from the way they try to preserve their culture by conducting all the ceremonies for their children. The son is nicknamed Gogol but due to a misunderstanding that becomes his official name. Here the author gives a very nice explanation of petnames in bengali by stating it is the name by which a person is loved, adored, remembered and scolded. Gogol grows up with a completely different thought process than his parents. He grows up and in a rebelious moment changes his name to Nikhil. Gogol repents this act when he comes to know the reason why his father respects Gogol so much. After this he understands his parents better but its too late by then. The subsequent events decide whether Gogol finds his happiness in adopting his roots completely or giving them up and how the family sticks togather.

This is a good book with a simple plot and so it can be taken up if one reads while travelling to and from work. Somehow a very sad life of NRI is presented in this book. Many aspects, like the inability of a four year old to answer to his official name, seem fictional. I wouldn’t suggest taking this book during a festive season. This book just makes me feel that authors like Jhumpa Lahiri should write more about the present day life of Indian youngsters which is almost same whether in India or anywhere.

Man-eaters of #Kumaon

By Jim Corbett

It was one of the monsoons when I was extremely sick and confined to bed, when this book landed on my hands from my cousin. This is a book on tigers and is written by #Jim Corbett, a British hunter, tracker turned conservationalist. He used to be called specifically to kill tigers who hunted in villages and had created a terror in those villages. This book contains some of those encounters.

The author not only describes the entire episode of how the tiger was killed but also a post mortem of the reason why the tiger became a man eater. A #tiger needs to be in perfect health to kill a deer. In case of old age or due to injury, the capability to hunt a deer or any forest animal is reduced. Today another reason could be human encroachment of forest areas. It is clearly visible a tiger does not become a man eater by will but is forced by circumstances. The author thus presents a very pitiable condition of the mighty animal often referred to as the king of jungle. Each episode has been described beautifully and the reader gets goosebumps while going through them.

This book is set in the forests of #Uttarakhand in the northern part of India. It consists of short stories so it is best choice for those who read while travelling to and from work. It is strange that the reasons for tigers turning into man eaters has never been discussed in detail. This is also a book which can be read by people of all age groups thus making it a great choice for gift. This book is a storehouse of knowledge for all the people who strongly feel for tiger conservation. It is also a good option for those who love to read thrillers. All in all it is a good choice for everyone. Infact it can even be taken up in schools and children can prepare projects on the content of this book.

Night train at Deoli and other short stories

By Ruskin #Bond

This is the first time I had read a book by Ruskin Bond. It happened on a long trip to home. The place where the bus stopped for refreshments had a small book store. Since more than four hours of journey was still left so I decided to buy the only book which stood out amidst all the bestsellers. I don’t know whether it was the picture on the cover or the title which prompted me to buy this book.

The book consists of short stories based mostly in #Uttarakhand which is a state in northern part of India. All the stories are events which might have happened with most of us. The beauty lies in the description of the scenary for example in the first story, the description of a #Railway station when a train arrives just brings back my school day trips. Each story connects the central character with a thing like a tree, house, book, etc. Each story just leaves the reader asking for more. I didn’t realize when my journey got over. One gets a beautiful view of the life in hills from the stories. The stories cover a wide range of topics from romance, mystery, child’s play to horror thus keeping the reader engrossed.

This is an amazing book and is definitely a great companion for journeys. Also it contains short stories so people trying to read while travelling to and from work will enjoy reading it. It is also a good book for those planning a trip to Uttarakhand as one gets a glimpse of the life there. All in all its a must read and can be read by people of all ages. While reading this book I realized there could be a story in small events like a wait of few hours in a railway station.

The Wreck

By Rabindranath #Tagore

I have always mentioned in all my previous blogs about Tagore that he is the most celebrated author in a Bengali’s life. This is the same reason I bought this book the moment I saw it in an exhibition. 

   The prime characters are Ramesh and Sushila. Ramesh is a nice person who has a good education and a bright future. The story begins when Ramesh, a man from an effluent family, mistakes the Sushila as his newly wedded wife due to a ship wreck while travelling after his wedding. First he is under the delimma whether to reveal his actual identity to his wife or not. Moreover he comes to know from roumours that there were no survivors from the ship wreck. This leaves him shattered, yet he still is unable to shun the moral responsibility of this lady who floats with him. Somewhere in the story he does have feelings for her. Sushila is a simple and beautiful girl who has had a pitiable childhood which has made her bitter still she is prepared to go to any length for her beloved. This is visible from her love for biren her servant. She is dedicated to her people. Her sense of seft respect is revealed when she leaves after discovering Ramesh is not her husband. Its interesting to see how the story proceeds, new characters appear and how they are related to Ramesh and Sushila.

      The story has all the components of a tagore story and gets over the reader slowly. Its a beautiful story of human emotions which can be read by people of all ages. It shows how people separated by destiny, meet with each other. For a lazy day or a long journey this is a perfect companion. If you are fond of love stories then this is a must read.