Sense and Sensibility


By Jane Austen

One of the readers of my blogs recommended this book and I sincerely started looking for this book. It took me a while to get this book but once I got it, I just couldn’t give up reading it. The story revolves around three Dashwood sisters Elinor, Marianne, Margaret and their mother. This does remind one of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Here again the problem is they do not have a brother of their own and after their father’s death, the entire property goes to their half brother John Dashwood leaving them with a mere allowance.

Soon John and his wife move in their home. Also they are least interested in keeping the three sisters and their mother in their home and so John starts looking for a place to shift his half sisters and their mother. The eldest of the three sisters Elinor is very mature and sensible. She doesn’t let emotions rule her decisions. After her father’s death she takes up the responsibility of her family. Although she has feelings for Fanny’s brother she doesn’t immidiately jump into conclusions rather waits for him to commit his feelings for her. Marianne is just the opposite and easily gets carried away by emotions. She easily gets attached to Willoughby without even bothering to find out about his history. These two sisters go through a lot of emotional problems. Jane Austen has cleverly displayed the two ways of handling difficult situations through them. In case of a heartbreak Elinor concentrates on work and tries to meet new people wherease Marianne withdraws herself and keeps crying thereby making everyone around herself upset. The story goes through a lot of ups and downs but all the missing pieces fall togather and the reader is truely entertained.

Like all books of Jane Austen this too has the capacity to hold the reader’s attention. It is fine for all age groups. If you are fond of reading while travelling to and from work, this is a great choice. Similarly for long journeys this is an amazing companion. Also if you are going for an apointment where you might have to wait, then carry this with yourself. It will not only relax you but also cheer you up.Also it is a great book to be gifted.


Haroun and the sea of stories


By #Salman Rushdie

I was rumagging through my sister’s cupboards when I came across this book. At first it seemed a storybook for children but then I saw the author’s name. It was Salman Rushdie. I had been planning to read one of his works for quite sometime.

The central character of the story is a boy named Haroun whose father Rashid is a storyteller. One day Rashid is unable to make stories due to a personal crisis where his wife leaves him and his son Haroun blames him for it. Afterwards Haroun feels really sorry and pledges to get his father’s gift of gab. In his attempt he meets the genie “Iff” from the land of stories. He soon discovers that the stories come from the ocean of stories and “Khattamshud”, king from the land of silence, is trying to pollute the ocean of stories. From there an adventure begins where there is a princess to be rescued by a prince, a king has to protect his kingdom and a whole lot of soldiers. The author has nicely related real life problems with fictionary things like factories creating sadness are polluting the environment. Also a girl blabbermouth disguises as a man so that she can get a job in army bears a starking resemblance to women searching job. The best part is P2C2E (process too complicated to explain) which is the explanation given to any complex question.

The writing style is simple therefore the book can be read while travelling to and from work. The character names like princess baatcheath, prince bolo, etc are very interesting and #humourous. If you are planning to go on a long journey then you can opt for this book. On the whole this is a great story which will keep you on the edge of your seats. It can be read by people of all age groups. The story made me realize the importance of stories in our lives. Hence it is a great book to be gifted.

Anna Karenina

By Leo #Tolstoy


This is one of the #classics by #Leo Tolstoy. The #author has rightly displayed the hypocrisy of the high society of 19th century. The story goes through a series of emotions. In the beginning one feels sorry for Dolly and Levin as well as hatred for Oblonsky and Vronsky. In the course of the story one thinks that right treatment is given to Kitty and things seem bright when she finally marries Levin.

Leo Tolstoy has very nicely dealt with the character of Vronsky. One hates him in the beginning of the story but when his past is spoken about one feels pity for him. By the time he gets married to Anna one can’t help but admire him for his dedication. He stands by her through all the problems, doesn’t even bother about his career or money. Inspite of so much honesty he is left with nothing, not even his daughter in the end. Anna, the central character of the story, truely displays the problems that occur when young women are married off to much older than them. One also feels a tinge of hatred for her as she leaves her ever so faithful husband for a playboy and even forgets her son. She doesn’t ask for a divorse even though Vronsky was completely loyal to her. The hypocrisy of the society is revealed when Anna is boycotted by everyone. Towards the end of the story she gets completely frustrated as she doesn’t get anything that she wished for and ends up taking a drastic step thereby ruining Vronsky’s life and robbing him of his daughter.

This is a beautiful story but needs to be really patient to read this. In case you are planning to read while travelling then this is not the right book. Every character has been nicely described and has a story of his or her own. This makes the story really lengthy. The scene where Anna meets Vronsky is assumed to be closest when literature meets cinema. If you are on a holiday and want to read then this is the right book. This is also a perfect book to be kept on the shelf. Also it is one of the best books to gift. Also if you are on a long train journey then this is definitely the most perfect choice.