Follow every Rainbow

By #Rashmi Bansal

This week I completed reading “Follow every #Rainbow”. I came accross this book in a #bookstall. There sitting amidst a pile of books, the title immidiately drew my attention. To add further was the synopsis which mentioned the book consisted of the story of 25 #women #entrepreneurs. That was enough for me to read this book.

As mentioned in the synopsis, each story consists of the struggles of a #woman #entrepreneur thus making them motivational. The struggle, the grit #determination and the will these ladies have shown against all odds is truely amazing. Each story is a treasurehouse of motivation. All of us face challenges but very few dare to face them and even few think of standing up after a failure. This book consists of stories of such bravehearts. I knew about the business of some of them like #biba, etc but I had no idea about the history of their start. I was left highly motivated everytime I read a story and felt like creating new goals to achieve. Each of these ladies are an epitome of hardwork, determination, focus and success.

If I had an opportunity to give my inputs on the syllabus of schools, I would have definitely added the stories of Nirmala Kandalgaonkar(Vivam Agrotech) or Leela Bordia(Neerja International). These ladies have successfuly shown that a working mother is the best inspiration a child can have. In fact they have achieved everything along with properly looking after their children. These women have shown that with true determination and planning anything can be conquered even if it is the tall #mount #everest.

The writing style is #simple, yet the stories are so motivational that a reader cannot give up unless the story is complete. This book is a must for all women. It is one of the best gift that can be given. This can be read by people of age group 12 years and above. Since its a collection of short stories it is an ideal companion for those travelling to #work. Also its good for long #journeys as one starts thinking about their personal #goals after each story.So the next time you see this book whether in a book exhibition, stall or with any friend, you can add it to your list of reads.