Night train at Deoli and other short stories

By Ruskin #Bond

This is the first time I had read a book by Ruskin Bond. It happened on a long trip to home. The place where the bus stopped for refreshments had a small book store. Since more than four hours of journey was still left so I decided to buy the only book which stood out amidst all the bestsellers. I don’t know whether it was the picture on the cover or the title which prompted me to buy this book.

The book consists of short stories based mostly in #Uttarakhand which is a state in northern part of India. All the stories are events which might have happened with most of us. The beauty lies in the description of the scenary for example in the first story, the description of a #Railway station when a train arrives just brings back my school day trips. Each story connects the central character with a thing like a tree, house, book, etc. Each story just leaves the reader asking for more. I didn’t realize when my journey got over. One gets a beautiful view of the life in hills from the stories. The stories cover a wide range of topics from romance, mystery, child’s play to horror thus keeping the reader engrossed.

This is an amazing book and is definitely a great companion for journeys. Also it contains short stories so people trying to read while travelling to and from work will enjoy reading it. It is also a good book for those planning a trip to Uttarakhand as one gets a glimpse of the life there. All in all its a must read and can be read by people of all ages. While reading this book I realized there could be a story in small events like a wait of few hours in a railway station.



  1. Absolutely True Sanchita! We miss the most beautiful things in life because of our preoccupations with worldly affairs. If only we can keep our inner eyes, ears, minds, and hearts open, I am sure we will capture lovely moments and gain inspiration to experience life fully. There is no better author than Ruskin Bond to showcase the truth behind this. Though in recent times I have read only a couple of nonfiction works of Ruskin Bond, I hope to read more of his books soon. I would urge you to read both the pieces of nonfiction too – I am sure you will like them. They are reviewed on my blog under the ‘Books and Me’ section.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my blog post related to Inspirations – hope to have more conversations in the future as well. Good Luck with your writing!

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