The Wreck

By Rabindranath #Tagore

I have always mentioned in all my previous blogs about Tagore that he is the most celebrated author in a Bengali’s life. This is the same reason I bought this book the moment I saw it in an exhibition. 

   The prime characters are Ramesh and Sushila. Ramesh is a nice person who has a good education and a bright future. The story begins when Ramesh, a man from an effluent family, mistakes the Sushila as his newly wedded wife due to a ship wreck while travelling after his wedding. First he is under the delimma whether to reveal his actual identity to his wife or not. Moreover he comes to know from roumours that there were no survivors from the ship wreck. This leaves him shattered, yet he still is unable to shun the moral responsibility of this lady who floats with him. Somewhere in the story he does have feelings for her. Sushila is a simple and beautiful girl who has had a pitiable childhood which has made her bitter still she is prepared to go to any length for her beloved. This is visible from her love for biren her servant. She is dedicated to her people. Her sense of seft respect is revealed when she leaves after discovering Ramesh is not her husband. Its interesting to see how the story proceeds, new characters appear and how they are related to Ramesh and Sushila.

      The story has all the components of a tagore story and gets over the reader slowly. Its a beautiful story of human emotions which can be read by people of all ages. It shows how people separated by destiny, meet with each other. For a lazy day or a long journey this is a perfect companion. If you are fond of love stories then this is a must read.


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