Pride and prejudice

By Jane #Austen

This is a classic book as all of us are aware of. I had heard a lot about it and even saw a movie. Thus encouranged by all this I decided to read this book. Coincidentally at the same time I saw this book in an exhibition. This is the story of five sisters each with a unique personality set in early 19th century.

The story mainly revolves around the second sister Elizabeth aka lizzy. She is too proud to accept the compromises done by ladies. The book also describes the predefined concept of beauty of those times. Inspite of being intelligent lizzy was not considered beautiful as she was thin and pale. Therefore she was not her mother’s favourite as it would be difficult to find a groom for her. As the story proceeds she meets Mr Darcy who is rich and handsome. It is amusing to find their dislike for each other at their first meet. After that they keep meeting again and again and fall for each other. The story gets interesting when the love interests of other sisters affect their relation. There are some comic elements as well when Mr. Colin comes as a proposed groom for lizzy. The story ends on a happy note with lizzy being loved for her intelligence and personality than beauty. One cannot help laughing when lizzy becomes the favourite daughter of her mother after marriage.

The plot is simple and so one can #read it even for a few minutes daily thereby making it an ideal companion while travelling to work. The english is slightly old fashioned which maybe a deterrent for some still the book is worth a try. As its a classic and an amazing story it is an ideal gift. On a rainy day with a cup of coffee the best book to read will be Pride and Prejudice.