Two States

By Chetan Bhagat

This is a story of a boy and girl, Krish and Ananya respectively. From this line itself one can make out its a love story. Absolutely right but the best part is the way its presented. It starts with the characters in IIM, the top Business school where they are drawn towards each other. The author gives a practical but hilarious presentation of the life there. At the end of their course they decide to marry and this leads to the big challenge. He is a punjabi and she a Tamil. The diversity of India between the north and south Indians plays an important role in giving this story an additional edge.

Being qualified they decide to convince their parents than rebel. He goes to chennai to work and simultaneously please her parents by learning tamil. The manager at his workplace, the mindset of people and the rivalry amongst different business school people left me in fits of laughter. To top it all the excuses they find to meet each other. Similarly Krish’s mother in Delhi who tries to find a punjabi bride for him, is shocked to find about her son’s love interest. The story is further decorated by the humdrum of a punjabi wedding, the obsession with engineering studies and the homework done before receiving a prospective groom.

All in all this is an extremely light book making it an ideal companion after a hard day’s work. The plot is simple and grows slowly but the reader’s attention is held till the end. This is by far one of the finest works by Chetan Bhagat. Go ahead and buy it if you are going for a long journey. Most of the elements in the character’s lives have been part of our lives as well. This makes the book even more enjoyable. However its a one time read and may not make a gift.


Let me know what you think.

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