The Lucky One

By Nicholas Sparks

This is the first book by Nicholas Sparks that I have read. The central character is a marine in Iraq named Logan Thibault. One day he gets a photo of a girl. He tries to find its owner but is unable to and so he keeps it with himself. After that his batallion faces many encounters but in all of them he gets saved. His friend Victor has only one explanation and that is the photo brought him luck.

He is unable to stop thinking about the photo even after leaving marines. After the tragic death of victor in an accident, he is left with no option but to find the girl in the photo. Thereby he starts to search for the girl accross his country. He does locate her and it turns out the girl is a divorced lady with a small son. She runs a dog training center in a small town. Thibault joins her business yet he keeps the photo a secret. Soon a number of events happen which brings them closer. The story takes a turn when the secret of the photo comes out which has a severe impact over their relationship.

On the whole its a simple story based on the concept of luck and coincidence. The writing style is very descriptive which makes the story very lengthy. This might result in many readers losing interest in between. I would not recommend it for those travelling to work by bus or train. This can be taken up on a picnic or tour when one has lots of time and no targets to meet. The reader is left expecting more at the end of the book.


Let me know what you think.

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