The complete Adventures of Feluda – volume 2

The complete Adventures of Feluda – volume 2
By Satyajit Ray

This week I finally got to read this book which has been lying on the shelf from a long time. From the time I had watched “Sonar Kella”, I had planned to read this book but somehow kept on delaying it. This is a collection of 19 mystery stories solved by detective Pradosh Mitter alias Feluda. The prime characters are Pradosh Mitter(Feluda), Tapesh (Topshe) and Lalmohan babu(Jatayu). Feluda is a sleuth and is observant about every minute detail. At the same time Jatayu is his complete opposite but their contrast nature make the stories more interesting. The comments by Topshe add the cherry on the cake.

All the stories are written as first person with the author as Topshe who is Feluda’s cousin. The stories cover wide range of topics and places in India. Some stories are based out of India(HongKong and London) as well. The clients range from magicians, doctors, pychiatrists, kings, actors, lawyers, etc. Each mystery reveals a thorough study by the author in each of these professions. Special attention has been paid to the characterization of each person from their dress to the way they hold the tea cup. The jokes of Jatayu provide a much needed comic element to the stories which is rare in detective stories. One also gets a feel of the old Kolkata from the description of the various places. Also a lot of information has been provided about each location like the terracotta temples of Dubrajpur in “Robertson’s Ruby” or the sunrise of Khilanmarg in “Peril in Paradise”.

Satyajit Ray successfully creates the same enthusiasm through his writing as he did with his movies. Once you start reading a story you cannot get up unless you complete it making it a must read for all mystery lovers. As it is a collection of stories it is most recommended for those travelling to work. This is also a stress buster after a hard day’s work.


Let me know what you think.

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