Life is what you make it

By Preeti Shenoy

I came across this book quite by accident in a gift shop. At first i thought it was a self help book but one look at the synopsis and there was no way this book was to be ignored. It deals with psychological issue called bipolar disorder. This is still a subject which is considered a taboo and most of us are scared to talk about it.

The story is about a middle class girl Ankita Sharma. She comes from an urban nuclear family and like most urban girls is brought up with the competitive spirit to do well in academics. She is good in her studies and makes it to a good college for her bachelars. She does well in her studies and this motivates her to do even better. She makes to one of the best management colleges and continues to do better in her studies. She gets so obsessed that she ends up ignoring the feelings of her friends. This obsession although leads to good performance but as they say anything in excess is not good, it has its side effects on her health and soon she ends in a mental health hospital. The story becomes really interesting from there.

The representation of life in a girl’s college which includes events, politics and boys is brilliant. The author has very nicely touched the subject of psychological sickness which need not occur due to poor performance or broken relationships. Her research on the topic is clearly revealed towards latter part of the story. This is a good book on a lazy summer afternoon when going out is an absolute no no. Since the topic is serious it may not seem a stress buster after a hard days work.


Let me know what you think.

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