Keep the Change

Keep the Change

By Nirupama Subramanian

This is a book by one of the new authors in India. It happened to come to my notice in a library. I don’t know whether it was the catchy title or the cool cover which attracted me, anyways I picked it up. It turned out to be a beautiful book. The story begins with the simple life of Damayanthi in chennai. Her name indicates she comes from a traditional family. She has always been excellent in studies and is working as an accountant in a small firm. There is a satirical element in the way she recieves the marriage proposals. To top it further inspite of academically excellent she is considered a loser compared to those who got married even though they were not as good as her in studies.

The story takes an interesting turn when Damayanthi decides to take charge of her life and joins a high salary bank job in Mumbai. Her enthusiasm is completely reflected in the way she updates her resume and prepares for her interview by consulting her friend who as an IIM alumni. Her interview is another beautiful incident wherin she speaks about Lara Croft when asked about her most admirable fictional character. She gets the job and comes to Mumbai. An average reader would think this is the end but the challenge begins here. She is faced by the challenges in corporate world from preparing an impressive
presentation to attending seminar in addition to staying alone in Mumbai. She also gets a good friend Jimmy to help her out in these corporate problems. The way she finds her way to office in Mumbai reminded me of my first day in Mumbai. The problems with her size zero stylish high society roommate add another angle to the story. What lies next is an interesting story where Damayanthi learns the ropes of the corporate world.

Nirupama has very nicely placed the comments in Damayanthi’s mind as the voice of her inner self. In many instances it reflects most of our thoughts. There is a fine balance of satire and comedy with proper spice of romance and infatuation. This is an interesting story for most of the girls planning to enter into the corporate world. It is a light read for all those who travel and go to book as a refuge after a long days work. This book also reflects the outlook of the young women of modern India.


Let me know what you think.

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