Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables

(Part I and II)
By L.M.Montgomery

This is the first Canadian classic I read. Its beautiful. The story revolves around Anne as is obvious from the title. She is an orphan and is adopted by the aging siblings Mathew and Marila who own the farm “Green Gables” in Avonlea. In the beginning Anne is a totally dreamy and talkative girl but as the story proceeds she metamorphoses into an admirable woman with a mind of her own. As the story progresses new relationships are created. There are many phases which makes one feel nostalgic like Anne’s friendship with Diana and competition with Gilbert takes one back to his or her school days. Again Gilbert’s hidden feelings conquer the romantic mind of the reader.

Her college days are another interesting part of the story. Her friends and then the cutthroat fight to get the scholarship and gold medal. Anne ultimately gets the scholarship. Just when she receives congratulations for her scholarship, she is confronted with Mathew’s death. Her love for Mathew and Marila is revealed when she gives up her scholarship to take care of Green Gables. But she doesn’t give up her ambitions and continues to teach in her school at Avonlea.

The description of the simple life of Avonlea is refreshing. The vivid description of each season is awesome. It is also a beautiful book to be gifted. It is not only a treat for the romantics but also an entertainer for the ambitious ones. On the whole this is a cute classic and definitely a must if one is sitting idle on a holiday or on a long journey.


The Farewell Song

The Farewell Song
By Rabindranath Tagore

I came across this book in an exhibition. Since I had never heard of this book I called up my mother and she confirmed it was the translation of “Shesher Kobita”, one of the popular books by Tagore. I am no one to comment on Tagore’s works, still I am writing this because of two reasons. First everyone doesn’t have a guide who has read a lot of classic works and second for all those readers who are not aware of the classics written by Rabindranath Tagore. So the next time you come across this book you know where to look for details.

The story revolves around three characters Amit, Labonya and Shobhonlal who come from different backgrounds. Amit, an oxford educated bachelor from an extremely rich family who just enjoys life. Shobhonlal, a guy from a poor family but completed his education by sheer handwork. Labonya, the educated daughter of the principal of a college. The magical yet simple beauty of the story lies in the way these three people meet. Labonya and Shobhonlal study in the same college where Shobhonlal always tops and is her father’s favorite student. Although both are rivals and are vying for the topper position, Shobhonlal nurtures a secret affection for Labonya which he never reveals to her during their college days.

Tagore reveals his modern thinking when Labonya decides to work after completing her education so that she is not a burden on her father. She gets a job and goes to Shillong. At the same time Amit, who is also a poet, goes to Shillong on a holiday. The description of the chance meeting of Amit and Labonya, their thoughts along with the serene beauty of Shillong create the most romantic moment for a reader. From here the reader is taken to an amorous journey through the meetings and conversations of these two characters. The sudden arrival of Amit’s sister exposes the vast differences in their financial backgrounds. At the same time she also comes across a letter by Shobhonlal expressing his feelings. This leaves her completely baffled and she begins to see the practical side of things. What lies ahead is a series of events which affects the lives of all three characters and the people around them.

As usual the plot is great, each character has been described to the extent that the reader can almost imagine them standing right in front. It is really impressive as the story flows from romantic to practical. This is a must for all fiction lovers and particularly for the romantic ones. I would recommend it on a trip to a hill station. Additionally it is also a great book for all those who love to read and collect classics.

Joker in the Pack

Joker in the Pack

 By Neeraj Pahlajani and Ritesh Sharma

 At the inset this appears to be another story by IIM alumni but as one proceeds the story seems to grow through the reader. The story revolves around Shekhar Verma, a middle class average boy, who struggles to make a career for himself. Through the life of Shekhar the author very subtly represents the beliefs of the Indian family where a child would be a hero only if he does well in studies or a teaching mother would be preferable as she would assist in household income and due to fixed school timings would also perform the mandatory duties of the ideal ‘bahu’.

 The hype created by the computer boom is visible in the way everyone wished to get into a computer science course irrespective of the details of the college or course shelling out big money without guarantee of future. The trauma students go through when they realize the validity of their course. The only way most of them find a solution is do an MBA. The way students manage their studies and CAT preparation reminds us of our college days. To add to all this there is the romance between Shekhar and Anoushka and their ambition to get into IIM and IIT respectively. The story takes a turn when Shekhar gets into IIM Bangaluru. Here he finds himself most ordinary. The IIM part is an excellent package of the story including the studies, projects, events, friends, comraderie and finally the campus placements. What follows from here is a series of events where Shekhar manages to bring himself among the top.

 Somewhere, somehow most of us have experienced what Shekhar goes through. The satirical representation of the problems is the key that holds the reader’s attention. There is a brilliant representation of the life at IIM. This is an excellent book for all those people who want to read in bus or train after a long days work. The language is simple and tactful.